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Merge with an Existing FCPXML File

With this method, Subvert will attempt to match the names of your subtitle files to the filenames of your media (not the browser clip name). If the app finds a match, it will place subtitles on the corresponding clip and embed it in a new compound clip. This will allow you to edit with subtitles easily in Final Cut Pro X.

Subvert can match subtitle files with:

  • Plain video and audio clips
  • Synchronized clips
  • Compound clips
  • Multicam clips

In all cases, Subvert will match the subtitle filename with the source clip filename, not the clip’s name in the Final Cut Pro X browser. For example:

  • interview001.srt will match with the audio file interview001.wav
  • interview002.sbv will match with a multicam clip called “Stadium Interviews” that contains the file interview002.mov
  • A025C001_151208_R420.txt will match with a synchronized clip called “A025C001_151208_R420.mov – Synchronized Clip” that contains the file A025C001_151208_R420.mov
  • interview003.srt WILL NOT match with a compound clip called “interview003” that DOES NOT contain a file called interview003.

When working with synchronized clips, it’s recommended that you have only one video and audio file in each clip. Editors will often have multiple video files to synchronize to a single long audio file. Placing all the related video files into a single synchronized clip can complicate the subtitling workflow and make it more difficult to find the subtitled video sections in the browser.

To merge with an existing FCPXML file:

  1. Make sure the filename of your subtitle file(s) matches the filename of its corresponding source media file(s).
  2. Select the “Make FCPXML” panel at the top of the application window.
    Make FCPXML panel button
  3. Drag and drop your subtitle file(s) into the subtitle file list or click the “Add Subtitle Files…” button and select your subtitle file(s).
  4. If you would like to specify a role for the generated subtitle clips, type it into the “Subtitle Role” field.
  5. Optionally select any of the following settings:
    1. Generate Markers: Select this if you want Subvert to add markers with the subtitle text over the generated compound clip(s).
      Generate markers

      This option allows you to do two things in Final Cut Pro X:

      1. Read the subtitles easily as a transcript when the Browser is in list view mode.
      2. See the subtitles as tags in the Timeline Index.

      Choose whether you want to place the subtitle text in the marker’s title or its notes field. If you select “Notes Field,” the marker’s title will contain a truncated version of the subtitle text.

    2. Generate Keywords: Select this if you want Subvert to add keyword ranges to the generated compound clip(s). Each keyword range will have the subtitle text in the “Notes” field.
      Generate keywords

      This option makes it easier to search for specific words since Final Cut Pro X can show individual keyword ranges in search results, unlike markers, which only appear as part of an entire clip.

      Enter the number of subtitles you would like to combine into a single keyword range. By default, this is 5. Type “1” if you would like each subtitle to correspond to a single keyword range.

      Increasing this number will reduce the number of keyword ranges displayed in the Browser when it is in list view mode. This can help simplify what you see but you will decrease the granularity of your searches.

      Type in the name of the keyword that you would like all keyword ranges to use in the “Keyword” field. By default, this will be “subtitle.”

  6. Select “Merge with existing FCPXML file.” This will enable the merge settings.
  7. Click on the “Select FCPXML File…” button and select the FCPXML file to merge with.
  8. Select whether you would like to place the generated compound clips into a separate, new event or the source clip’s event.
    Place new compound clips in

    If you choose to place them into a separate, new event, the event will be named “Subtitles.” If you choose to place them into the source clip events, the generated compound clips will appear in the original event that contained the matching source clip, alongside all clips in that event.

  9. Optionally select “Omit Visual Subtitles.” Selecting this will prevent Subvert from adding subtitles over your picture and embedding the source media in a compound clip. Use this option if you only want to add markers or keywords to your source media.
    Omit visual subtitles

    If you select this option, you must select “Generate Markers” and/or “Generate Keywords.”

  10. Click the “Generate FCPXML” button.
  11. Enter the desired name of your new FCPXML file and click “Save.”
  12. Import the resulting FCPXML file into Final Cut Pro X. New events containing your subtitled clips will appear in your library.
  13. For further workflow instructions, view to the “Working with a Merged FCPXML File” section.