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Export Subtitles Out of Final Cut Pro X

To generate subtitle files from Final Cut Pro X projects:

  1. In Final Cut Pro X, export an FCPXML file of your project.
  2. In Subvert, select the “Make Subtitles” panel at the top of the application window.
  3. Click on the “Select FCPXML File…” button and select your FCPXML file.
  4. Select the project in the drop-down list that you would like to make subtitles from.
  5. Select the role that has been assigned to the subtitles. If no role has been assigned and you want to pull the text from any title clip, select “Any Role.”
  6. Select the subtitle file type you would like to generate.
  7. Click on the “Generate Subtitle File” button.
  8. Enter the desired name of your new subtitle file and click “Save.”