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Working with a New FCPXML File

Follow this workflow if you generated a new FCPXML file from Subvert, without merging the subtitle files with an existing FCPXML file. If you did merge the subtitle files with an existing FCPXML file, view the “Working with a Merged FCPXML File” section.

  1. Import the generated FCPXML file into Final Cut Pro X.
  2. A new event will appear in the library. Select the new event and view the compound clips inside it.
  3. Double-click on any compound clip. You will see your subtitles connected to a gap on the primary storyline.
    New FCPXML subtitle timeline
  4. To add a media clip into the compound clip:
    1. Drag and drop a media clip from your browser onto the gap. Clip replacement options will appear.
    2. Choose “Replace” or “Replace from Start.” The media clip will replace the gap and retain the connected subtitles.
  5. To add the subtitles in the compound clip to any other existing timeline:
    1. Click anywhere in the timeline window.
    2. Choose Edit > Select All (or press Command-A) to select all clips on the timeline, including the gap.
    3. Choose Edit > Copy (or press Command-C) to copy them.
    4. Open the existing timeline you want to add subtitles to, such as a project, compound clip, or source media clip.
    5. Position the playhead at the beginning of the timeline in order to maintain synchronization. If you want to offset the timing from its original values, you may move the playhead to a later point in the timeline.
    6. Choose Edit > Paste (or press Command-V) to paste the clips from the clipboard. The subtitle clips will automatically attach to the primary storyline in the timeline, removing the gap.