Edit with subtitles in
Final Cut Pro X


Subvert makes editing with transcripts and subtitles
in Final Cut Pro X easy and powerful.

  • Read the Transcript in the Browser

    After processing your subtitle and FCPXML files in Subvert, your footage clips will transform into compound clips containing subtitles. With markers and keywords, you can read the transcript text right in your browser.

  • Drop Subtitled Clips into the Timeline

    Subtitles come along with the clip and appear in the viewer. Show or hide all subtitles instantly by changing the visibility of their role in the timeline index window.

  • Edit Subtitles

    Since you're working with compound clips, you can edit the subtitles they contain to fix errors or adjust the text. The changes you make will propagate to all instances of that clip across all projects.

  • Add B-Roll and Keep the Subtitles

    Break apart the compound clips (CMD-SHIFT-G) to reveal connected titles. Insert your b-roll between the title and the original footage to keep the subtitles visible without losing sync with the audio.

  • Export Subtitles From Your Project

    After your project is finished, export an FCPXML and bring that into Subvert. The app will detect the subtitles (or any title with a specified role) and create a properly timed subtitle file for final delivery from the edited project.


Subvert gives you the power and flexibility to customize
your transcript and subtitle workflow as you see fit.

Reads Multiple Formats

Subvert can import SRT, SBV, Avid DS, and regular transcript files in plain text and MS Word formats.

Add Markers and Keywords

Subtitles can be integrated into FCPX as markers and keyword ranges, allowing you to read transcripts straight in the browser and search for specific words inside lengthy dialogue.

Customize Subtitle Appearance

Change the font, size and style of the subtitle laid over your video. Optionally reformat line breaks to fit the width of the screen better.

Export Finished Subtitle Files

When you’re done editing, use Subvert to convert an FCPXML of your edited project back into a subtitle file. Then you’ll have instant subtitles for your finished video in YouTube or Apple Compressor without transcribing again.

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